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Waxing Specialist Application

Waxing Specialists at Harpers Hair Culture work directly with clients, providing them with elite customer service. Waxing Specialists will perform full body waxing services. Waxing Specialists are responsible for keeping the waxing room clean, orderly and stocked. Our Waxing Specialists assist with fulfilling front desk duties, as needed. Communication between all employees is expected of this role. Our Waxing Specialists practice their profession under the core values of Harpers Hair Culture.  If you believe this could be a good fit for you, please apply below! 

REQUIRED: WI Esthetician Licensure


Upload Resume

*Resume is required to be considered for hiring

Please answer the following questions in the space provided below:

1) What is your ideal work schedule (open availability is not a valid answer)?

2) How many years of waxing experience do you have outside of schooling?

3) What do you wish to accomplish as an Waxing Specialist at Harpers Hair Culture?

4) Anything else you'd like to share?

(answers to above questions are preferred) 

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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