Brush Strokes


Welcome to Harpers Hair Culture! We are excited to get to know you and get you the best curl style that you can have! Be sure to follow the instructions below before your appointment. See you soon!

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Follow these steps before your Appointment

Want to get amazing results? You must follow these rules. 14-30 days prior to your appointment:

1) Do not use butters, oils, eco gel stylers, Shea moisture, or Cantu
2) Cleanse and condition with AG balance and AG boost or REF shampoo & conditioner
3) Come in with a Wash & Go style that is no more than 7 days old

If you have tight curls, you can use: Uncle Funkys Curly Magic for wash & go or The Doux Mousse Def for twist-outs. Which can be found at target.


If you have looser-medium curls, you can use: REF products for wash & go (natural curly style)

Tools: We love the Felicia Leatherwood Brush or ProFlex Wet brush 
Grab a silk-lined bonnet, turban, or a BUFF.


We also HIGHLY recommend getting a shower head filter attachment :

We will discuss how to use products and what else to use when you come in for your appointment.

We can work with whatever you come in with but you won't get AS amazing of results. In some cases failure to do the prep work will result in extra fees or rescheduling.

If you have any questions please check out our FAQ on our website or contact us at 608-960-8339 (Text is best)


If you have any questions please check out our FAQ page or contact us at 608-960-8339 (Text is best)